Onefooball PPV experience


At Onefootball we always strive in order to serve the best experience around football, and this puts us facing new and exciting challanges that help us work towards our users needs.

One of the most requested features from our users has been the ability to access match related content (video), both live and/or on demand, in order to have a complete and unique experience towards football matches.

That's why we've decided to partner up with TV rights holders in order to reach our user base with a Pay Per View model feature and Highlights content accessible directly inside Onefootball.



Being something completely new for Onefootball, we decided to first collect thoughts and perceptions from our users in our core markets, and that’s why we opted for running an in-app survey inside the app.

This allowed us to have a first wide idea of how our user base would respond to such a feature, including their willing to actually purchase things through a native app. With this, we were then able to define the main points to develop a first MVP and gather first data around the experience, the tech capabilities and the business model.

As next step, we iterated on the scalability of the MVP by onboarding new partners with different needs, as well as entering additional core markets.

Currently, the feature is live and stable on our ntive apps, supporting different business partners and serving live and on demand content across multiple core markets.

My Role

As a Senior Designer I’ve been involved from the very first draft of the project, till the current state of the art.

I’ve been collaborating together with POs, Researchers and Tech leads in defining the key points and success metrics for the first MVP, then deep diving with the Head of design and another Senior Designer in defining all the UX patterns and the UI for the native apps, always concerning the tech capabilities and the OS guidelines for in-app purchases.

My work also includes a huge part in constant E2E testing of the feature, nevertheless an active role in planning the design iterations in terms of engagement and discoverability.


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