Onefooball web experience


Being a platform is what makes you conscious about the different touchpoint that you have in order to address both your users and your customers.

This has been one of the main sparks that led us towards rethinking from scratch our Consumer Web experience.

We wanted to create a more holistic approach by aligning with our core products in terms of experience and engagement, them being the native apps, and at the same time increase our web user base.



A good product needs first some good insights. That is why we started by running a card sorting exercise to a focus group of known users as well as newbies of our product, in order to understand their preferred device for specific actions to be performed in a given situation.

This allowed us to understand what type of experience they would like to have by thinking holistically at Onefootball, through all the different touchpoint, and focus on the right meaningful experience to start with.

Gathering the data then allowed us to structure a feature audit, on which we then based the IA structure for the first iteration of the new Consumer Web, as well as the UX and the UI strategy of the first main pages that would have populated the new experience.

My Role

As a Senior Product Designer, I’ve been acting as an interim hands-on figure for the team from the very first concepts, till the very first internal releases of the new experience.

I’ve been responsible for setting up the requirements and the deliverables for the card sorting exercise together with the Research departmenr, as well as running the feature audit exercise with our stakeholders together with the Web Team PO and the Tech Lead.

Then, I’ve been focusing mainly on creating the ground work for the IA, the UX patterns and the related wireframes for the very first pages, as well as creating a UI vision presented to C-Level and management.

Moving on, I’ve been more and more supervising external designers providing the detailed UI documentations, keeping the focus on defining the UX work for the main pages.


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