Ciao, I'm Dante, senior designer based in Berlin.

I've been wrapping my brain around several things lately...

I believe in few things, and I stick to them as much as possible

• Keep it simple
• Follow processes, follow steps
• Get the big picture, chunk it into pieces
• Accept failure, learn from your mistakes
• Data informs
• Take feedback seriously
• Learn to say no sometimes (you can’t do everything)

In my spare time, I keep myself busy with lots of things

I’m a vinyl digger, sometimes I spin them unsuccessfully in WG parties.
I like to ride my bike around Berlin, chill in parks around the city or on some rooftops. I draw inconstantly, but I started again to play my guitar everyday.

I was born and raised in South Italy, so I can tell you what’s the best neapolitan pizza in Berlin. As an Italian cliché, I’m very comfortable behind a kitchen. When possible, I follow my fav football team <3

Still here?
Let’s grab a coffee

Dante Fusco - Made in Berlin during COVID-19 lockdown